Grespania – Coverlam Top Induction


Countertop with invisible induction


Coverlam Top, a material for state-of-the-art kitchens with invisible induction, which allows you to cook directly on the countertop.

Integrating this system into the countertop or kitchen island provides a seamless surface, which is easier to clean and creates a multifunctional work area.

In addition, since it doesen´t generate direct heat, it´s safe to use when you´re not cooking.


-It dosen´t generate direct heat

-Seamless design

-Ease of cleaning

-Resistance to thermal shock

The smart countertops from Coverlam Top enable seamless surface for cooking, working and enjoying your kitchen, all at the same time

As a main novelty in the product section, each series is presented by colour, where design detail is prioritised and all its characteristics are presented visually: colour, references, graphics and graphic development.

Another addition to highlight is the inclusion of QR codes that accompany each collection and link to its space on the Coverlam Top website. This novelty will allow you to obtain the more detailed and updated data of the series. Undoubtedly the interaction with the collections will be much more dynamic.

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